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A First Class Freight Forwarding Solution Delivered with First Class Service

As experienced freight forwarders, CFA Logistics understand that air freight is the logical and most appropriate way to transport consignments which are urgent or time sensitive. Transporting consignments by air is not only fast, but it is also an extremely reliable way to guarantee that your shipment arrives at its destination on time. We offer air freight solutions for the import or export of freight of any size, weight and type and extend our services to include consolidated shipments. Our global presence means that we have vast experience in ensuring the fastest turnaround time for your shipments at your chosen destination.

Benefits of CFA Logistics Air Freight Solutions

  • Worldwide import/ export capabilities
  • Safety and security- your valuable cargo is safe in the hands of our accredited CFA Logistics team
  • Our well established global network of partners means that we can secure domestic or international air freight forwarding at extremely competitive prices
  • Real-time visibility of your shipment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Our Air Freight services include:

  • International air freight forwarding
  • Cost-effective consolidations
  • Door to door service
  • Real-time track and trace

CFA Logistics understand that your cargo is valuable and are committed to providing quality, security and service excellence. You can have peace of mind with our guarantee that your goods will arrive at their destination securely and on time. Additionally, our established global network of partners share our company value of 'integrity counts' which means that our clients can have the utmost confidence and trust in our services.

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